Why choose GEMS as your Environmental Manager?

Boutique-Size Team with a Wide Reach:

GEMS has a small core team of diverse professionals. This gives us the advantage to deliver personalized, high quality results with the focus and ability to respond quickly and effectively to our clients’ unique project requirements. Our size enables us to seamlessly adapt to changing regulations and evolving market trends, keep clients’ projects current and working in compliance.

Our strong core, complemented by our established relationships in the industry further allow us to provide clients with a wide range of services and expertise to meet their unique requirements. We know that each project is unique so the pre-packaged approach to client services doesn’t work for us or our clients. We have developed diverse and quality services by collaborating with key industry partners to offer GEMS ONE CALL Environmental Solutions.

We are not a “Yes” Consultant

While we listen and work to meet the end results our clients want, we pride ourselves on professionally challenging them when we see opportunities to do things better or differently. GEMS will never say Yes to a client just to make them happy if we believe it is not the right approach. We will say No, provide an explanation and offer alternative solutions. This goes a long way in maintaining the integrity and mutual respect we have of our clients and vice versa.

We are Never Afraid to Ask for Help = We are Never Afraid to Try Something New

Perhaps one of the most important things we know is that we don’t know everything. Our collaborative approach, both internally as well as with industry partners, expands our knowledge, experience and services to ultimately benefit our clients. If we don’t know something, we will ask and ensure that we learn fast. Not only does this simple approach help us grow and develop, but it helps our clients’ projects succeed. We have always been the keen ones at the back of the boardroom who would raise their hand to volunteer to tackle any possible challenge. Our “We’ll do it” attitude is what keeps us improving and fuels our drive to do more and do better.

Urgency – Even When It’s Not an Emergency

GEMS truly understands the meaning of urgency whether we’re providing Erosion & Sediment Control (ESC) measures on a construction site, performing a fish relocation prior to a creek bypass, obtaining the proper dewatering permits for a mining project or beyond. Most importantly, we know how our response can impact everything including effects on the environment, project timelines, overall budgets and our client’s reputation.

Whether in planned or emergency situations, GEMS responds quickly, understanding the clients’ requirements, contract specifications and permitting requirements and regulations. We understand what is within and beyond contractual obligations and will advise our clients to act accordingly.

Unique Solutions – Not to be Confused with Complicated Solutions:

Unique doesn’t have to mean complicated. For GEMS, a unique solution starts with looking at the challenges from a ‘non cookie-cutter’ approach. We understand that every project is distinct and every challenge is different. We combine our best management practices gained through industry knowledge and experience with our desire to be creative and efficient solution providers for our clients.

Work Hard Today and Even Harder Tomorrow and the Next – Don’t get Complacent.

Self explanatory we think. It’s about understanding that we have to work hard every day to earn the respect of new clients and keep the respect of existing ones.

Environmental Manager – GEMS ONE CALL Environmental Solutions Provider:

GEMS ONE CALL takes the complicated out of an already complex environmental management process. GEMS ONE CALL strategy creates a stress-free, straightforward, ONE POINT OF CONTACT system to manage all the environmental components for our clients’ projects.

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