Aquatic and Ecological

Plants and animals, otherwise referred to as flora and fauna; or vegetation, fish, birds, mammals, amphibians, reptiles; or terrestrial ecology, aquatic ecology, wildlife biology, aquatic biology, fisheries biology etc are vital to maintaining healthy communities and environment.

Simply put, construction projects alter the environment - therefore, it is important to know what types and how many plants and animals are currently there to guide construction means and methods, determine and obtain necessary permits, work within timing windows, deal appropriately with endangered species, evaluate and plan for potential impacts from construction activities and monitor and mitigate actual impacts.

GEMS provides a range of services, including:

  • Permitting (Identification & Permitting for Threatened & Endangered Species (SARA & ESA), In-Stream Permits, Fisheries Act Permits (DFO)
  • Ecological Assessment (Vegetation, Wildlife, Birds, Aquatic/Fish)
  • Environmental Impact Assessment & Statement (EIA & EIS)
  • Ontario Wetland Evaluation (OWES)
  • Ecological Surveys using Ecological Land Classification (ELC)
  • Fish Rescue
  • Comprehensive Creek & Fish Assessments
  • Breeding Bird Surveys

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