Emergency Response

At GEMS, we often get emergency calls because a permit wasn’t obtained, there was a changed condition (ie. unexpected site condition), Erosion & Sediment Control measures failed, dirty discharge water is entering a creek, sewer main break occurred adjacent to a watercourse, spills containment, cleanup and remediation is required, fish rescue, working outside fisheries window, etc. And when something goes wrong, we know what to do.

GEMS is called upon in emergency situations because we are equipped to respond quickly, understanding the project needs, contractual obligations, permitting requirements and regulations.

In the event of an environmental emergency, GEMS:

  • Is Onsite Immediately and can Assume the Role of Environmental Manager
  • Performs a Site Assessment and Determines Course of Action
  • Becomes Liaison with the Regulatory Agencies
  • Obtains Appropriate Permits (Many Times Under Accelerated Timelines)
  • Implements Mitigation and Remediation Measures
  • Performs Monitoring and Inspection to Ensure Measures are Effective

GEMS Provides Emergency Services For:

  • Regulatory Liaison for Emergency Response & Permitting
  • Erosion & Sediment Control Failure
  • Sediment Release in Natural Environment
  • Emergency Dewatering
  • Spills
  • Fish Kills

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