MTO Projects – RAQS

As your environmental solutions provider, GEMS is RAQS Certified to work on MTO Projects.

Under the Ministry of Transportation of Ontario (MTO) Registry, Appraisal & Qualification System (RAQS), GEMS is qualified to perform:

Fisheries Assessment – per MTO/DFO/MNR Protocols

  • –Conduct assessment of aquatic ecosystem
  • –Reporting and documentation (Fish and Fish Habitat Existing Conditions Report, Fish and Fish Habitat Impact Assessment Report etc.)
  • Aid in the development of mitigation measures to protect fish and fish habitat
  • Development of compensation strategy and plans

Fisheries Compliance During Construction

  • –Monitor contractor activities during works in and around watercourses
  • Site recommendations to ensure protection of fish and fish habitat
  • –On behalf of the contractor, liaise with contract administrator and regulatory agency representatives
  • –Perform required fish removal, rescue and relocation
  • –Assist contractor with any changes or amendments

Natural Sciences

  • –Conduct aquatic, terrestrial and vegetation ecosystem inventories
  • –Identify areas of opportunity and constraints prior to development, provide impact assessment and site specific mitigation measures
  • –Identify erosion/sedimentation potential on construction sites to design and implement ESC measures

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