About Us

Groundwater Environmental Management Services, GEMS was established in 2005 to serve a growing need for a practical approach to the increasingly complex environmental regulatory and compliance challenges in the construction and land development industry. 

Over the years, the need for a practical approach to environmental management is becoming more, not less, important for construction and development projects. 

Ever increasing regulations, environmental obligations and owner requirements are causing environmental permitting, approval and compliance issues to have bigger and bigger impacts on project budgets, time-lines and bottom-lines.

GEMS has grown up by bundling boots-on-the-ground experience with a practical approach and exceptional service to contractors, owners and their consultants. We manage everything from routine day-to-day inspections to environmental emergencies at our client’s sites. We work to actively fill the space between regulators and our clients. 

Our focus on construction and land development allows us to be specialize in providing practical solutions for the increasingly complex regulatory and compliance challenges in the industry. 

By delivering innovating, win-win solutions to satisfy policy and regulations, that work on the ground in the real-world, GEMS has become highly trusted by government ministries responsible for environment, fisheries and natural resources, conservation authorities and City Hall.

With thousands of projects under our belt, we have done everything from collecting scientific baseline data, to classifying wetlands, to environmental impact statements to fish and wildlife relocation and construction site monitoring. It doesn’t matter what we are doing, the practical approach that started it all, remains.

An alternative to environmental consulting – we deliver results, not advice. 
  • Established
    in 2005

  • What we do

    • Environmental Impact Assessment
    • Hydrogeological Assessment
    • Environmental permitting & approvals
    • Environmental Management and Monitoring
    • Construction Monitoring
  • 20 Environmental Specialists

  • Why work with GEMS?

    GEMS combines professional-level technical knowledge, experience and skill with good project management to give you the confidence that the environmental requirements of your project will be done properly on time and on budget.

  • Services offered

    • Ecology
    • Hydrogeology
    • Environmental Monitoring
  • 6000 environmental assessment, remediation and audit projects

Our experience, knowledge and capability together with our desire to innovate and get things done gives our clients the confidence and peace-of-mind that choosing us to work with them will get their project to the finish line.

We are here for you.

As the only environmental services firm specializing in land development and construction in Ontario, all our specialists are available to offer quick, individualized and actionable advice for you and your project