How GEMS Uses Real-Time Remote Monitoring Technology To Make Your Projects More Successful

Whether your site is in the pre-construction, under construction, or post-construction stage, sometimes you need to know what’s happening when you’re not there or  simply need a record of exactly what's happening. That's why GEMS partnered with an innovative real-time remote monitoring service to develop DataLINKS. This ground-breaking tool is designed to easily and reliably pair with GEMS environmental monitoring devices, so that you can access all the site data you need—from any device, any time.

We understand that the needs of each GEMS client are unique, so we offer a range of subscription levels with different features so that you can access only the information that's most valuable to you. We're proud to be the only environmental consultants that we know of to be actively providing this game-changing remote monitoring and real-time data instrumentation. Not only that, but in doing so, we allow construction industry clients just like you to never miss a beat, saving time, money, and resources thanks to the data at your fingertips.

Experience Enhanced Real-Time Remote Monitoring With DataLINKS

Your site isn't a laboratory—it's a space that demands a practical approach and innovation, no matter how conditions evolve. That's why GEMS is all about action, and key to this is making our real-time remote monitoring easy to use, easy to understand, and easy to act on. DataLINKS facilitates all of this and more, easily connecting to GEMS’ monitoring devices such as the DataBASE and DataCUBEs.

But that's only part of the picture. Once the data is gathered, you need to be able to harness it, and that's where DataLINKS comes in. The convenient online interface can be accessed via mobile or computer-based dashboard. It allows multiple viewing options—with visual graphs and charts showing you how and when the levels being measured have changed

You can refer to an easy-to-read legend and even drag your mouse along each data line to get exact values. You can also alter the time intervals on the x-axis of graphs to best suit your needs—examining time ranges from hours to years, depending on how long your monitoring system has been in place.

We Offer 4 Subscription Levels to Best Suit Your Site Monitoring Needs

The “Pause” effectively rolls the clock back to April 2021 and gives project owners another chance to undertake the planning documents before they need to file notice on the Excess Soil Registry. For the contracting community, the “Pause” means contractual and payment issues.

From near-instant alarms, to call-callout, and custom notification features, DataLinks provides the peace of mind that comes with knowing the facts remotely. Discover the right site monitoring options to meet your objectives:

  • Bronze
    • Daily reports, 2x daily alarm checks, daily email exports, daily GPS updates, no demand polls
  • Silver
    • Hourly reporting, real-time alarms available, writeable control points, hourly GPS updates, up to 10 demand polls daily
  • Gold
    • 1 minute reporting, real-time alarms available, writable control points, 1 minute GPS updates, up to 20 demand polls daily
  • Platinum
    • 10 second reporting, real-time alarms, writable control points, 1 year data retention, real-time GPS tracking

Export Your Site's Data With Ease

With DataLINKS, we provide the means to monitor your site in real-time—how that data is used and accessed is entirely up to you. To keep things simple, we make sure that you can easily export reports to Excel, drawing the data range of your choosing. You can save to PDF or JPEG formats too, in either low, high, or wide resolution, supporting multi-device use of this powerful resource. If you want to print that graph, you can do so right out of the DataLINKS interface, and if you're managing several sites using our real-time remote monitoring service, you can search your locations instantly using the search bar on the DataLinks homepage.

More data. Lower costs. Alarms and alerts never missed

Are you ready to learn more about how our next-gen remote monitoring tech can help you keep your projects on time and on target? Contact the GEMS team today, and we'll be happy to talk through your unique needs and guide you toward an ideal solution.