Welcome to Groundwater Environmental Management Services (GEMS)!

We are a team of professional environmental consultants devoted to raising the standards of environmental consulting. With environmental regulations expertise and your business needs in mind, GEMS is equipped to help your next project succeed.

Our team of experts perform all facets of environmental design, permitting, monitoring and construction/development related projects.

Our service areas include:

Let GEMS act as your Environmental Manager and one point of contact on your next project! From construction dewatering permit attainment, to compliance monitoring, to Erosion and Sediment Control (ESC), to fish removals and relocations, to emergency response; let GEMS help you avoid costly delays and work in full compliance to meet your budget and timelines.

GEMS‘s approach is best described by the 5Cs:

  • From Conception
  • To Construction
  • Through to Completion
  • Working in Compliance
  • And Collaboration

GEMS is with you at every stage of your project


Environmental Emergency?
Call GEMS at 905-907-3077

Often GEMS gets the call because a permit wasn’t obtained, there was a changed condition (ie. unexpected site condition), Erosion & Sediment Control measures failed, dirty discharge water is entering a creek, sewer main break occurred adjacent to a watercourse, spills containment, clean-up and remediation is required, fish rescue, working outside fisheries window.

GEMS is ready to help you anytime and in any situation.

Quote of the Month

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