Don't let environmental regulatory obligations delay your projects

We understand contractor requirements, contractual obligations, and environmental permitting and regulations

GEMS is your
ONE Call Environmental Solutions Provider

Need an Environmental Manager for your project?

Let GEMS be your ONE POINT OF CONTACT who manages all the environmental components on your next project.

From construction dewatering permit attainment, to compliance monitoring, to Erosion and Sediment Control (ESC), to fish removals and relocation, to emergency responses.

Let GEMS help you avoid costly delays and work in full compliance to meet your budget and timelines.


Who do you call in an environmental emergency?

Often GEMS gets the call because a permit wasn’t obtained, there was a changed condition, Erosion and Sediment Control measures failed, dirty discharge water is entering a creek, a sewer main break occurred adjacent to a watercourse, or fish removal and relocation, spill containment, clean-up and remediation are required.

Emergency: Sediment Spill


We know emergencies like to occur in the wee hours of the mornings, on weekends or Fridays at 4:00pm. GEMS is ready to help any time and in any situation.

Bridging the gap

GEMS bridges the gap between the world of construction and development and the environmental agencies that govern them

There is always more than one perspective on a project - the owner, the consultant, the engineer, the contractor, the regulatory agencies. As the Environmental Manager on projects, GEMS pulls together all the perspectives to deliver the end results.