Why Choose GEMS

Why Choose GEMS

When you`re deciding on who to trust with managing the environmental pieces of your project, your options can seem pretty interchangeable. GEMS is different, we are not your Mom and Dad`s environmental consultant

How We Work

Boutique-Size Team with a Wide Reach

GEMS has a small core team of knowledgeable, helpful, friendly professionals who have answers to your questions or know where to get them. This gives us ability to deliver personalized, high quality results with the ability to respond quickly and effectively.

We give our clients the confidence that their environment issues will be handled the same way they would do it; if they had our experience.

Our size allows us to seamlessly adapt to changing regulations and evolving market trends, keep clients’ projects current, in compliance and on schedule.

Every project is unique.

- pre-packaged, one-stop shop approaches don’t save you money or time.

We have developed diverse and quality services by collaborating with key industry partners to make GEMS the only call you need for environmental management.

We know who we work for

GEMS will never say Yes to an agency just to make them happy. If the situation is not the right approach for the project we believe it is not the right approach. We say No, provide an explanation and offer alternative solutions.

We listen and work to meet the end results our clients want, we pride ourselves on being creative and innovating when we see opportunities to do things better or differently.

Urgency – it’s our business

GEMS truly understands the meaning of urgency; whether we’re monitoring Erosion & Sediment Control (ESC) measures at a construction site, doing a fish relocation to facilitate a creek bypass, lining up dewatering permits for a mining project, we know that waiting on what we do is bad for business.

Most importantly, we know how responsive we are can impact everything from environmental effects to project timelines, budgets and our client’s reputation.

Whether we are working in a planned or emergency situation, GEMS responds quickly, understands what our clients’ need, the contractual obligations, permit conditions and the regulatory requirements. We understand what is in, and out of contract scope related to environmental issues.

Unique Solutions – Not to be Confused with Complicated Solutions

Unique doesn’t have to mean complicated. For GEMS, a unique solution starts with looking at the challenges from a ‘non cookie-cutter’ approach. We understand that every project is different, and every challenge presents a unique set of circumstances. We combine industry knowledge and experience with our creativity and industry best management practices to deliver real results that keep projects moving.