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Environmental Monitoring

GEMS team of environmental monitoring specialists is the only dedicated environmental monitoring group that we know of, across Canada. The collective experience of our Certified Inspectors of Sediment & Erosion Control (CISEC) almost guarantees that if it’s happening at your site, we’ve seen it and dealt with it before. Our CISEC inspectors work with you from start to finish – from site assessment and erosion and sediment control (ESC) plans, through monitoring, inspection and sampling, to post-development monitoring and responding to environmental incidents.

We work with site personnel and contract administrators to keep projects moving as part of your project team. We are experts in what needs to happen to stay in compliance and satisfy contractual environmental obligations. GEMS’s CISEC inspectors have the expertise to know what to do and the practical experience to do it in a way that makes sense in the real-world.

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Bathymetric Survey

Our team can conduct a survey of your Stormwater Management Pond (SWMP) to determine its capacity and whether a clean-out is required. With the use of our remotely-operated hydrographic survey boat, you get surgery grade construction and high quality instrumentation done in a safe, quick and efficient manner.

CAN/CSA W202-18 Erosion and Sediment Control Inspection and Monitoring

CAN/CSA W202-18 calls for installation, inspection and monitoring of erosion and sediment control measures at active construction sites where earth is disturbed to protect the natural environment from adverse effects related to sediment laden run-off from the Site.

Regular monitoring is an important component of your construction management plan and corporate philosophy. We provide peace of mind by letting your construction team know where they need to improve to reduce the risk of spills, delays and fines from regulatory bodies.

GEMS Certified Inspectors of Erosion and Sediment Control (CIESC) can do all of the inspection and monitoring that you need to meet CAN/CSA W202-18 on your project.

Dust Management & Control Plan

In urban areas, dust and particulate can have a significant impact of neighbouring residents, and thus your construction project. GEMS will work with you to minimize nuisance dust on site through appropriate recommendations and on-going monitoring.

Effluent Quality Monitoring

From ECAs to PTTW/EASR permits or Spill Response, GEMS can conduct sampling on your project to ensure permit compliance. Each program is tailored to your project to ensure the proper level of effort corresponds to the corresponding sensitivity and permit conditions.

Enhanced Monitoring ∙ remote monitoring, real time data, advanced techniques

For environmentally sensitive projects, GEMS can set-up and install enhanced remote monitoring and real time data instrumentation. This includes flow, water quality, weather stations and so on, with data available in real time on your computer, tablet or smartphone.

Environmental Inspection & Reporting

This is GEMS speciality. We conduct inspections at each phase of your project to ensure all environmental conditions and commitments are fulfilled from start to finish. Proper documentation and reporting is a critical component to ensuring that due diligence was followed on behalf of the Owner.

Environmental Management Plans

GEMS pieces together all the components of your project to determine the risk and summarize the measures that will be used to mitigate these risks. All components of project permits are summarized to ensure that there is one document that can be followed throughout construction. Think of this as your Environmental Manual, once boots hit the ground

Erosion & Sediment Control Monitoring

Regular monitoring is an important component of your construction management plan and corporate philosophy. We provide peace of mind by letting your construction team know where they need to improve to reduce the risk of spills, delays and fines from regulatory bodies.

Erosion & Sediment Control Plans

If you are disturbing soil or working near sensitive environmental features, an Erosion and Sediment Control Plan is critical to minimizing risks and impacts to these areas. GEMS can prepare the appropriate Plans for your project with the latest Best Management Practices to help get your project approved in a timely manner.

Flow & Water Quality Monitoring (Environmental Monitoring)

GEMS offers a range of flow and water quality monitoring services, from hand-held portable field meters to stand alone full systems. Whether it’s a pipe, sewer, or creek we can come up with the monitoring solution your project needs.`

In Water Works Monitoring (Watercourses, Ponds, Lakes & Pits) (cofferdams)

GEMS makes sure you have the right permits and schedule your project for the right timing window. From there, we are on site at critical times during the in-water work to ensure best management practices are used and all permit conditions are fulfilled.

Permit & Approval Compliance Monitoring

Once a permit has been approved, the Owner must still comply with the conditions and stipulations therein. GEMS reviews these conditions and undertakes them where appropriate on behalf of the Owner to remain in compliance.

Rainfall Event Monitoring

As high intensity rain storms occur, it is imperative that you get rapid response to your site during these times. GEMS will be on your site immediately after a significant rain event, to report back on site conditions.

Turbidity Monitoring

Turbidity is similar to measuring the clarity of water, an important indicator of good or poor water quality on your project. With GEMS dedicated field units, our inspectors are able to provide instantaneous results to you and your team, saving time and ensuring your site remains in compliance.

Water, Sediment & Soil Quality Assessment

Whether after a spill, or required by your applicable permit, GEMS staff can conduct sampling on your behalf. Our field technicians are qualified